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Buying a property in Spain


Visiting different types of properties, is the beginning of finding your dream property. Select a number of properties. The more specific you are with your search criteria, the more relevant the selection we can show you.

Buying costs 

For a new property directly from the developer the following costs are added;
    • 10% in purchase tax (VAT). In addition you have these additional costs;
    • 1.50% stamp duty tax
    • Legal fees, normally 1% on the purchase price + 21% VAT
    • Notary fees 500 – 1,500 €, pending on the value of the property
    • Land registry fees 300 – 1,500 € depending on the value of the property.

The buying process

When you have found the right property, it is necessary to take it off the market.

Placing a deposit ensures that the property is taken off the market and at this point you sign a Reservation contract. The deposit amount is typically € 6,000, however pending on the purchase price. The deposit is not refundable.

In new developments you often pay 2 additional amounts during construction. The amount may vary. On completion you would normally need to balance between 30 – 50%, as the rest has been paid already during construction. Please note! On each payment in new developments a full bank guarantee is issued.


Completion and payment of the balance, takes place at the Public Notary. On completion you will receive the keys to the property and you will be the new owner. All future obligations on the property are now your responsibility. 

What is needed to purchase a property in Spain?

You need sufficient funds to buy the property with cash, or a mortgage, or a combination of both. We can assist with mortgages.

Also you need a foreigner’s tax registration number, called N.I.E.

A Spanish bank account, where you will be asked to place funds sufficient to pay your regular running costs on the property.
Legal assistance

We advise all foreigners to seek legal advice during purchase from a locally based Spanish lawyer, and we are happy to introduce you to one of our collaborating, English speaking lawyers. 


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